Pegasus is made up of two stunning, fantastic sized lakes.


About Pegusus

Pegasus Consisting of 7 double swims and 2 spacious single swims and is for a maximum of 12 anglers with parking available behind your hired swim or in the car park. A 30-acre gravel pit dug around 2007. It has everything expected from a decent lake, Gravel bars, silt, clay and weed with depths of around 8-12ft. The water is of superb quality and has earnt the fond nickname “the golden mile” reflecting how big the carp grow. The lake was restocked in winter 2019 and around 800 locally farmed carp up to 42lb were added and then again with 60 hand picked magnificent scaly mirror carp. Lake 1 is home to a few unknown carp originating from the lake being stocked by the local farmer when first dug. One of these magnificent creatures was caught and weighed in at 40lb 9oz. An extensive feeding program has been carried out since the carp were stocked, this is proving to be a great success as all carp that are being caught currently are up in weight, in immaculate condition and are unbelievable hard fighting fish.


Area Vity-le-François is a beautiful historical town. Founded during WW1 and almost completely destroyed in WW2. The town was rebuilt and remains an important feature of the stunning landscape here. Surrounded by canals and home to various landmarks such as the 17th Century Notre-Dame Church, Vity-le-Francois offers welcoming traditional bars where sampling of local beers and champagne is a must. A pleasing variety of restaurants and hotels, from Pizzerias; Tabacs; traditional French bakers; and even well recognised fast food outlets are available. The region boasts many attractions worthy of a visit, including local Champagne houses and the more prestige ones a mere 30 minutes away.