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The next lake to be added to the growing BCT complex is Loubiere!

Loubiere is a 37 acre lake a short 20 minute drive from Furet and is a real blank canvas for us to turn into something very special‼️ The lake has been left untouched for many years and is a real wild pit that has massive potential. The lake received a stocking of fish many moons ago but since has rarely been fished and holds a real unknown quantity which makes Loubiere very exciting. During our couple of test sessions on Loubiere fish up to 35lb have already been landing showing that it could already hold many large fish🔥 As with all the lakes it will have usual electric, toilet/shower block and running water and is a short drive from all the amenities needed for your stay. Below is a little taster of the fish stock we will be adding to the existing stock.


The lake although big has very deep reed lined margins which the fish patrol regularly and can be caught under the rod tips with some weed present in the shallows creating a lake for all tastes of angling. Well we said we only had 2 new lakes for you but there could well be more news coming over the next few days of a very different lake to Loubiere! We'll keep you updated 👌🏻

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