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About Furet

This is how one would describe Lake Furet. Since October 2015, the current owner Mr. Rousselet runs this marvellous 25-acre venue. There is a stock of around 250 healthy carp and the current lake record is 31kg (68lb). 9 large swims are dotted around the lake for a maximum of 10 anglers. The facilities are fine and there is an onsite tackle shop. If you are looking for an uncrowded lake in France, Lake Furet is a definitely a good choice for you.

The Lake

Lake Furet has an area of 25 acres and an average depth of 1,3m. The lake bottom consists of sand and gravel, in the middle there is a layer of silt. The facilities are located behind swim 2, next to the owner's house. There are 11 swims for a maximum of 10 anglers, this gives you plenty of space to move around a little if you want to. The venue, also known as BCT, opened doors back in 2015.

The Stock

Lake Furet has a carp stocking of around 250 strong & healthy carp; the average is 16kg (35lb) and the current lake record is 31kg (68lb). When Mr Rousselet took over the property, he restocked the lake with handpicked mirrors and commons. He did 3 restocking’s: 25 carp of 6-9kg, 20 carp of 14-19,5kg and 20 carp of 20 to 28kg. This 28kg carp has recently been caught with 31kg (lake record). This Winter 2020 we will be doing another restocking adding some more carp of around 25Kg.


Swims Lake Furet counts 9 swims for a maximum of 10 anglers. Swim 1 is a double swim situated at the dam featuring depths up to 2m. Swims 2 & 3 are single swims and lie only 30 meters from each other. 2 Anglers can book both single swims and double up in one of them (leaving the other one empty). Swims 4 & 5, 8 & 9 and 10 & 11 are also single swims.

The Service

The facilities have just been updated and are new from 2020 and behind swim 2, next to the owner's house. There is a WC, shower, and wash basin. There are also several sockets to charge batteries and mobile phones. 2 fridges with freezer are provided to store your food and bait. You can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Swims Swims