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About Camalo

Lake Camalo The lake is very private & secure, set away from any road noise so If you are searching for a strategic fishing spot or want to get away and rediscover nature, Lake Camalo is the place for you with a driveable path allowing you to load/unload your tackle on each swim. There are three swims, of which all are double pegs and peg one being the VIP peg due to having a wooden chalet included in the booking. The average depth of the lake is 5-7ft and whilst most of the bottom is quite uniform, you can find a variety of drop offs, plateaus and soft mud/clay areas which are hot spots for the carp.

The Stock Camalo lake has been a private fishing lake up until recently with an already healthy stock of very decent carp. In early 2020 the Lake owner Guillaume introduced several 30lb-50lb carp were introduced and two carp at over 50lb. Two of these carp are now over 50lb and there are several 60 +lb fish. We will be doing a final stocking of fish in late 2020 fish taking from our other lake that will be closing in November 2020. On an average week you can expect to see plenty of mid to high 30lb'ers, a good selection of 40lb and 50lb carp and perhaps even a 60lb or 70lb'er


Swims Swim 1 – A Double VIP swim very easy access with a great command of water in front of you, with the added benefit of the Wooden Chalet with all the modern amenities. Swim 2 Extended finger into the lake double peg which gives lots of open water options including the end of a large plateau plus some nice margin spots. Swim 3 - Extended finger into the lake a double peg, also an open water swim with access to a large plateau, plus the margins.

Service The facilities have just been updated and are new from 2020 and behind swim 2, next to the owner's house. There is a WC, shower, and wash basin. There are also several sockets to charge batteries and mobile phones. 2 fridges with freezer are provided to store your food and bait. You can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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